1. Yolo

From the recording Endangered Species

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(You only live once)
-written by Stuart Hollinger-
Live life to the fullest. No regrets.

Perilous journey, destination unknown
Keeping your mind clear
head in a zone
Trials, tribulations, racing the clock
Parting the sea
climbing mountains of rock
Reach for the stars, don’t think twice
full speed ahead keep rolling the dice
Yolo, Yolo
Yolo, Yolo
Yolo, Yolo
You only live once
Looking, learning, desires high
Days so short, time really flies
Gotta keep moving
Can’t stay in one place
Pushing, striving, upping the pace
Take the plunge, jump right in
Never trying is the only sin
Follow your dreams
trust your heart
Dreams come true
don’t wait to start
Follow your dream
believe U can
Spirit Above will lend a hand