From the recording Endangered Species


Soldier’s Story
-written by Stuart Hollinger-
The ordeals our Vets face returning home.

Returning back home stuck in a zone
Took it on the chin from places I’ve been
Demons seize my mind, horror magnified
Paid the price
Words don’t describe turmoil inside
voices in my head, things won’t be said
Need to smoke a joint
getting to the point of no return
I have changed
I’m not the same
Look at Me
Freedom’s Not Free
Can’t concentrate, cold and irate
Negative, hard, always on guard
Guilt and shame some days insane
A distant stranger
No escape, wish I had a cape
Nowhere to run, sleep with a gun
Don’t reach out, it’s not what I’m about
Hanging on
Cold sweat at night
Unspeakable fright
Where to begin, fitting back in
Wife and family…….Oh so worried
Oh Oh, Oh Oh, Oh Oh
Freedom’s Not Free