1. Ocean Friend

From the recording Dangerous Crossing


                                          Ocean Friend
Verse   Life on the city street , this hard pavement under feet
           Silent people past me by     Makes me stop and wonder why
Verse  Somewhere deep inside my mind   Thru confusion I still find
           Hear the ocean call to me    Know that’s where I long to be
The Ocean is a friend to U and to me  Helps me know  Life is meant to be Free
The Ocean is a guide for U and for me  *  Shows me how   Life should be
Verse    To Feel the wind on my face  moving  at a different pace
            Watching  waves come and  go and they’ll rest on shores   I’ll never know
Chorus The ocean is a friend to U and to me helps me know life is meant to be free
            The ocean is a guide to U and to me show's me how life should be
Verse In the dark I see the lights    cities burning in the night
        Think of all those people there  missing life, living life , perceiving life 
        So unaware