From the recording Dangerous Crossing


                               Home in Georgia ( Tyler's Cross Roads )
Verse    Thru the country side by corn fields I go   60 miles from Atlanta ya know
           Wait’s a place I always go in my dreams  Very Special
Verse    Down the dusty road I can’t wait to see
           That old wooden house beneath  pecan trees
           Smell of cornbread drifting on the breeze
           Make’s my mouth water, I can taste it now
Chorus  I’m going back to the old homestead  Back to Georgia , the dirt so red
             You wake up ready for that down home cooking
             And country hospitality Home in Georgia
Verse   Oak trees standing proud beneath blue skies
           In the distance white tail softly cries
           Brood of gobblers under whispering pine
           It’s nature’s wonder amazing all the time
Verse   Big Mama’s garden was the talk of the town
           People would come and look from miles all around
           In wide eyed wonder when they drank in the sight
           They’d all be smiling brightening up like light