1. Falling

From the recording Endangered Species


-written by Stuart Hollinger-
The uncertainty of love, until the right one comes along.

Wasn't looking to find someone
was quite content to be by myself
Didn’t need disappointment
played it safe, lived in a bottle
Many friends, no one special
no commitments, can’t get hurt
Did not think this day would come
Then I met U
Think I’m falling
falling in love with U
Falling in love
Falling, falling in love with U
Falling in love
Broken dreams, must let go
relationships do fall apart
Tug of war, way down deep
do I trust or walk away
Stormy clouds come and go
sunny days on the rise
You’re the one I’ve waited for
to come in my life
U stopped my world
had me see the power of love
We’ve found each other
I count my blessings
you’re in my arms here and forever