1. Because of U

From the recording Endangered Species

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Because of U

-written by Stuart Hollinger-

Giving credit to Akua (God).

Up from humble depths I came
given no chance labeled lame
Pushed pulled told I’m no good
taken for granted misunderstood
Break my will make me fold
use empty words hard and cold
Then I met U
U were just like me
turned on the light so I could see
All because of U
All because of U
Criticized not playing the game
no way I’m gonna ride that train
Paid the price, stood my ground
painted me as a foolish clown
Join the ranks U will lose
I refused kept singing the blues
Gold record moment
when U walked in
Now there’s no way I won’t win
Knew right away
when I opened the door
U were the one I was looking for
Hoist the sails, sail away
Happy days, here to stay