Music is the universal language. It helps us keep in balance, yet it takes us to high places.

When I first became interested in music growing up in Kaimuki, Oahu in Hawaii, I couldn’t afford a guitar, so I became a singer. When I was 16 years old, I got my first guitar. Later I also learned how to play bass.

I was the only musical person in my family. My brothers used to yell at me, “Stop singing and get out of the shower!”

I played in bands for years, then I took a long break – about 20 years, during which time I moved to the island of Kauai. My music has been inside of me all this time. Many of the songs on this CD have been in my head for years. I also am giving you my version of a few of my favorite oldies.

The name and title track of my first CD, “Dangerous Crossing,” refers to how crazy life can be while we’re changing from the old to new; black-and-white to color; all fast cars, Cialis; electronics; sit-down dinners are obsolete. It can be a dangerous crossing while changing. It’s important to keep our balance. Music is great for re-balancing us.

On Endangered Species my 12 original songs have a message touching love, broken hearts, our veterans, our environment and a call for peace in the world. My words are brutally honest and contain my passion for each song! 

The song "Because of U" honors God and what he brings to our lives.........if we allow it.  "Not Enemies" is a story about life in the Gaza Strip. When will this madness stop?  "Yolo"... says it all........You Only Live Once."  "Soldiers Story" honors our brave veterans and the sacrifices they make for our freedom. 

I played music at an early age then stopped, as I got a "real" job. However the desire to create music never left me. I didn't want to wake up one day and say to myself "I could've/should've done something. So I took the plunge and present my second album for your listening pleasure. My 1st album, "Dangerous Crossing" was fortunate to win Na Hoku Hanohano (Hawaiian version of the Grammies) Rock album of the year in 2014. 

I live on a farm where we raise, rescue and release wild jungle fowl. My job is to clean up after the chickens, feed them and make sure they are OK. The day after winning my Na Hoku award I was humbled immediately . . . I had to do my chores and clean up chicken poop!

Living on our farm has taught me how all life is intertwined. My eating habits have changed and I need to know where my food comes from. 80% of our food we raise and other 20% is from fishing. No meat, bird or dairy. I'm not preaching. My choice. It works for me. 

A portion of the sales proceeds will be donated to 5 Wildlife Conservation Organizations listed on the CD insert. Let's make our creative talents count....... Bless all Life........human and animals.

I love sharing my music. I’m happy to get it out there so people can groove to it. I hope that you enjoy and feel good while you are listening.



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My body art is the story of my life. It lends strength to my music. It’s my family.


When I see my body art, I am humbled to represent my Polynesian culture. Back in Polynesian days, the more tatau (tattoos) you had, the more responsibility you had. It’s all about leading.

My wife is a large sun placed over my heart. 

This boar tusk was given to me by my wife’s hanai (informally adopted) Fijian parents, who are descendants of royalty. It represents responsibility as a leader.


My family members are symbolized as animals. I have a honu (Hawaiian sea turtle), a pueo (owl), makani (the wind), pohaku (stones), manu (shark) and little geckos for my grandchildren. On my fingers are fresh waters, wind, strength and the awa plant.

My music is a cross between rock and jazz with hints of country. But living in Hawaii, I listen to everything from Hawaiian slack key guitar to classical music. 

I hope that you enjoy this CD and feel good while you are playing it. It’s a happy, danceable CD, no drama and no whining!