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Dangerous Crossing

Stuart Hollinger
Stuart Hollinger


                                     Dangerous Crossing


Verse  Old style ,new style , integration , interaction , co-existing

          Black & white , high Def , automated , manual  neither one wrong or right

          Prop plane ,dial phone, letter writing, sit down dinner, seems so long ago

          Plug it in , unplug it , power tools , hand tools , balancing it all


Chorus    And it’s Dangerous ( dangerous ) Crossing make sure you look both ways

              Dangerous ( dangerous ) Crossing don’t get swept away

              Dangerous ( dangerous ) Crossing be sure you don’t pay

              Transformation , reclamation     Dangerous


Verse  Cell phone ,  e-mail  texting messages, surfing on the internet

          High Tec information, anything you want to get

        Bling bling sex bars ,trophy this , cyalis that blogging twittering my face book

        Artificial stimulation, major mental occupation,  everywhere  I look





         Nothings meant to last ,thru progress and change  Undeniable Life rearranged






Where are we going does this vehicle got brakes or do we just hold on for life       

Got a new X-box, playing with my Wii, Damn  off goes the electricity

Surrounded by silence in the dark , OMG

Restaurants closed , Super Markets down , frozen food hardened ,

Where’s the options , does anyone know how to grow a garden       Dangerous