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Dangerous Crossing

by Stuart Hollinger

Released 2013
Keala Records
Released 2013
Keala Records
A refreshing CD from the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Featuring original and older classics with bold pop, rock, jazz flavors.
I'm Polynesian, but my music is Universal.
  • 03:54 Lyrics Dangerous Crossing

                                         Dangerous Crossing


    Verse  Old style ,new style , integration , interaction , co-existing

              Black & white , high Def , automated , manual  neither one wrong or right

              Prop plane ,dial phone, letter writing, sit down dinner, seems so long ago

              Plug it in , unplug it , power tools , hand tools , balancing it all


    Chorus    And it’s Dangerous ( dangerous ) Crossing make sure you look both ways

                  Dangerous ( dangerous ) Crossing don’t get swept away

                  Dangerous ( dangerous ) Crossing be sure you don’t pay

                  Transformation , reclamation     Dangerous


    Verse  Cell phone ,  e-mail  texting messages, surfing on the internet

              High Tec information, anything you want to get

            Bling bling sex bars ,trophy this , cyalis that blogging twittering my face book

            Artificial stimulation, major mental occupation,  everywhere  I look





             Nothings meant to last ,thru progress and change  Undeniable Life rearranged






    Where are we going does this vehicle got brakes or do we just hold on for life       

    Got a new X-box, playing with my Wii, Damn  off goes the electricity

    Surrounded by silence in the dark , OMG

    Restaurants closed , Super Markets down , frozen food hardened ,

    Where’s the options , does anyone know how to grow a garden       Dangerous 

  • 04:18 Hawaii '78 (Version 2013)
  • 03:54 Lyrics Ocean Friend

                                              Ocean Friend


    Verse   Life on the city street , this hard pavement under feet

               Silent people past me by     Makes me stop and wonder why


    Verse  Somewhere deep inside my mind   Thru confusion I still find

               Hear the ocean call to me    Know that’s where I long to be




    The Ocean is a friend to U and to me  Helps me know  Life is meant to be Free

    The Ocean is a guide for U and for me  *  Shows me how   Life should be


    Verse    To Feel the wind on my face  moving  at a different pace

                Watching  waves come and  go and they’ll rest on shores   I’ll never know


    Chorus The ocean is a friend to U and to me helps me know life is meant to be free

                The ocean is a guide to U and to me show's me how life should be




    Verse In the dark I see the lights    cities burning in the night

            Think of all those people there  missing life, living life , perceiving life 

            So unaware



  • 04:21 Eleanor Rigby
  • 03:22 Lyrics Home in Georgia

                                   Home in Georgia ( Tyler's Cross Roads )


    Verse    Thru the country side by corn fields I go   60 miles from Atlanta ya know

               Wait’s a place I always go in my dreams  Very Special


    Verse    Down the dusty road I can’t wait to see

               That old wooden house beneath  pecan trees

               Smell of cornbread drifting on the breeze

               Make’s my mouth water, I can taste it now



    Chorus  I’m going back to the old homestead  Back to Georgia , the dirt so red

                 You wake up ready for that down home cooking

                 And country hospitality Home in Georgia


    Verse   Oak trees standing proud beneath blue skies

               In the distance white tail softly cries

               Brood of gobblers under whispering pine

               It’s nature’s wonder amazing all the time


    Verse   Big Mama’s garden was the talk of the town

               People would come and look from miles all around

               In wide eyed wonder when they drank in the sight

               They’d all be smiling brightening up like light








  • 04:37 Maybe
  • 03:37 Lyrics Let It Be Known

                                           Let it be Known



    Verse    Growing pains can be so heavy especially  those around you

                Don’t understand your point of view  locked into one’s own

                Is it a crime to be so different, is it a crime at all

                Time is now to seize the moment I see the path so clear


    Chorus     Let it be known  let it be known I've got my own like to lead

                    Letting it go letting it go   I’ve got my own life to Be

                    Let it be known let it be known I've got my own life to lead

                    Let it be known let it be known I've got my own life to Be


    Verse  Touching the power ready to fly, cutting the chains that bind you

              Marching along to a distant beat, guided  by a higher light

              Braving change in my body, braving change of my mind

              Blazing a trail having no doubts setting a pace to follow





    Chorus     So  Let it be known let it be known I got my own life  To lead

                    Letting it go letting it go  I got my whole life

                    Let it be known let it be known  I got my whole life

                    Touching the power I’m ready to fly

                    I’m cutting the chains that bind you

                    I’m guided by a higher light I’m guided by a higher light

                    I got my own life  I got my whole life to be


  • 03:25 Hold the Line
  • 04:11 Jumpin Jack Flash
My life, beliefs and story are forever imprinted on my body. From this my music flows.